We provide clean, affordable, and reliable energy storage by repurposing retired electric vehicle batteries.

Our battery is designed to meet your unique energy needs.

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Lithium ion (NMC)

How it’s made

Our solutions stack with 60 kWh building blocks to accommodate your sizing needs


Continuous power: 60kWh,
Peak power: 120kWh for 10 seconds


7 years

80% DOD Capacity

96 kWh

AC Voltage

480V 3 Phase, 208V 3 Phase, 240/120V split phase

A Second-Life Solution for Diesel Reduction

Electric vehicle batteries still have an average of 80% original capacity left when retired from the car, but usually end up on shelves as they are much cheaper to store than recycle. These batteries can deliver an additional 7-10 years of service in energy storage applications and there is an expected overwhelming influx of end-of-life lithium batteries as millions of electric vehicles are retired over the upcoming years.

Moment Energy reduces diesel consumption by creating hybrid generator systems and enabling off-grid sites to install solar or wind power systems. With a diesel-battery-hybrid solution, we are able to reduce diesel consumption by up to 40% and generator runtime by up to 90%. With the addition of solar, we can remove the need for diesel altogether.

Moment’s solution is proven - we have an outstanding track record of impactful deployments.

Quadra Island,
British Columbia

Our battery solution enabled our client to go off-grid and generate electricity using solar power.
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Seven Sisters Falls, Manitoba

Moment Energy’s solution charges off of CHTTC’s hydrokinetic turbine, the grid, and solar power.
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Westlock County,

Moment Energy provided great sustainable impact and easy integration with their existing hardware.
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Westlock County, Alberta

“We are pleased to have been selected by Moment Energy to participate in a project to prove the effectiveness of used electric vehicle batteries for home energy storage.  The installation, testing and ongoing support for our new energy storage system was amazing and the team is committed to ensuring the system meets our needs and interfaces well with our connected solar devices and back up generator.  We continue to provide them with real life off grid data and enjoy working with Gabe and his team to further refine and optimize the installation.  An unforgettable, valued experience overall.  Thanks Moment Energy for helping us meet our goals for energy self-sufficiency and advancing cleaner energy.”

- Monica & Steve

Moment manifests professionalism in our partnerships through reliable support, every step of the way.


ScotiaWay is a renewable integrator that serves on-grid commercial and industrial clients with Moment’s reliable solution.


Nissan is an automotive company that supplies Moment with Nissan Leaf batteries to repurpose for second life projects.

Volta Solutions

Volta, an Indigenous-owned strategic advisory consultancy, helps groups reduce greenhouse gas emissions with Moment’s solution.
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